Preserving Separate Estates in High Asset Divorce in Murfreesboro and Throughout Tennessee

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With more than four decades of high asset divorce experience, the attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley, and Haley have helped many families in Murfreesboro and surrounding areas preserve their estates during divorce. We understand what a challenging experience divorce can be, especially when you fear losing all your possessions. With our expertise by your side, we navigate the process to ensure that you and your children have the assets you need to start fresh.

Strong negotiators by your side every step of the way

In most cases, the best way of dividing your estate during divorce is to reach an agreement with your spouse. In doing so, you and your spouse have complete control over the distribution, and you can advocate to retain the property and assets of your choice. Our high asset divorce attorneys work tirelessly for clients to negotiate agreements that preserve their separate estates. We also commonly represent clients through mediation proceedings.

Representing you and your best interests in court

If you and your spouse cannot reach agreement on how to divide the marital estate, Tennessee divorce law governs the division and a judge assists in making this determination. Only marital assets, however, are subject to an equitable distribution under state law. Separate assets cannot be claimed by your spouse and broadly include:

  • Assets owned before the marriage
  • Property or assets acquired by gift
  • Awards or settlements from legal claims
  • Property acquired after an order of separation

While this distinction may seem fairly straightforward, financial comingling during a marriage can complicate the marital-separate property determination. Our Murfreesboro divorce attorneys have decades of experience advocating before the court to ensure that your separate estate is preserved through the divorce.

Ensuring you and your children have what you need to start fresh after your marriage ends

Every marriage is different, but frequently one spouse earns more than the other. When a marriage of this sort ends, the lesser earning spouse may be unable to maintain the standard of living to which the family was accustomed. This imbalance can have a devastating impact on one’s ability to maintain his or her estate after divorce. The Kidwell, South, Beasley and Haley complex asset division attorneys can assess whether seeking alimony is appropriate in your particular situation. By successfully securing alimony for clients, we help them maintain their estate and their family post-divorce.

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We are Murfreesboro’s first choice for legal representation in high asset divorces. With our family law attorneys by your side, your home and personal belongings are protected through a divorce. Contact us online or call today for a free consultation—615-893-1331.