If you have been injured as the result of unsafe conditions on another person’s property, we can help

Not all accidents and injuries happen at home. In fact, you may be even more likely to injure yourself in unfamiliar places, particularly when conditions are unsafe and the person responsible for maintaining that property either fails to warn visitors of dangerous conditions or fails to eliminate these hidden dangers.

At Kidwell, South, Beasley and Haley, we are often contacted by people who have been unwittingly injured by hidden dangers and unsafe conditions encountered while visiting stores, restaurants, parks, and even other people’s homes. Some of the questions we hear include:

  • Shouldn’t I have been warned that I might injure myself?
  • Shouldn’t somebody have fixed the problem?
  • Can anybody be held responsible for my injury?

With more than forty years combined experience as Murfreesboro premises liability attorneys, our firm is uniquely qualified to help those injured as the result of unsafe conditions caused by others.

What are the hidden dangers and unsafe conditions for which a property owner is responsible?

Common hazards which can lead to injury and liability for a property or business owner include:

  • Unsafe floors and sidewalks—Slip and fall injuries can be serious, often resulting from preventable conditions such as spilled liquid, uncleared snow and ice, or uneven and cracked pavement.
  • Defective equipment and fixtures—Injuries can result from unsafe conditions created by defective seating, malfunctioning elevators, mold, faulty smoke detectors and poorly assembled store merchandise displays.
  • Inadequate or negligent security—Broken gates and locks, poor lighting and insufficient on-site supervision can leave visitors vulnerable to assault, robbery, and rape.

Injuries suffered by an individual who unwittingly encounters these unsafe conditions can often be devastating, resulting in large medical expenses, lost earnings, disability, emotional distress, and even death.

What rights do I have if I was injured on somebody else’s property?

Under Tennessee law, property and business owners are generally required to:

  • Monitor and inspect — Property owners are required to regularly inspect their property for dangerous conditions and maintain a safe environment.
  • Warn visitors — Clearly post warnings of any dangerous conditions which may cause injury.
  • Repair or eliminate — All dangerous conditions should be repaired as soon as possible upon the property owner becoming aware of them.

In addition, property owners have a special responsibility to prevent unsafe conditions from injuring a child.

Contact a Murfreesboro premises liability attorney today if you have been injured on someone else’s property

In Tennessee, once you are injured, you have one year file a claim in court. Therefore, it is critical to meet with a premises liability attorney as soon as possible after your injury to discuss your legal rights and to allow your attorney to gather any evidence needed to help your case. Our Murfreesboro premises liability law firm has the skills and resources to uncover the facts and determine the best legal strategy for your case. Contact us  , or call us at 615-893-1331 for a free initial consultation and case review.