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When you have experienced a serious personal injury, the pain you experience is not only physical. There are considerable emotional and financial damages that can impact victims of personal injury. The experienced Murfreesboro personal injury attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley, Attorneys at Law have more than 40 years of experience representing personal injury victims. When you choose our law firm, you get the collective knowledge of six dedicated lawyers that have served countless personal injury clients in Murfreesboro and throughout middle Tennessee.

What is a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim is a lawsuit filed to compensate you for damages you experienced due to someone else’s negligence. In order to prove a case of negligence, you must prove that the person who caused the accident had a duty to act reasonably, failed to do so, and that failure caused your damages. Our experienced Murfreesboro personal injury attorneys gather information and evidence in order to build a strong, compelling case. With years of litigation experience, we are at home in the court room and are not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary to get what you deserve. We have experience in many types of personal injury cases, including:

If you were involved in an accident,  it is crucial that you speak to one of our dedicated Murfreesboro personal injury attorneys right away. Tennessee has a statute of limitations of one year for personal injuries and three years for property damages. If you fail to file your claim in time, you will be denied compensation for your injuries.

How much will I be awarded for my injury?

There are many complex issues that are considered when it comes to how much compensation you receive. It depends largely on the extent of your injuries, property damage, and long-term prognosis. It also depends on how your attorney argues your case. If your case goes to trial, the amount you receive will be based on a “modified comparative fault” rule, which means that your award may be discounted based on a percentage of fault that is yours. For example, if your damages were $100,000 and you were 10% at fault, you would instead receive $90,000. If you are more than 50% at fault, you do not receive compensation. How the court determines fault is complicated.


It is best to speak with one of our knowledgeable Murfreesboro personal injury attorneys about the facts of your case in order to give you a clearer picture of what to expect. With decades of experience, our lawyers have the extensive knowledge to create a winning legal strategy and explain the process involved in injury litigation.

If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, our dedicated Murfreesboro personal injury attorneys  are here to help

A personal injury can put your life on hold. The Murfreesboro personal injury attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley Attorneys at Law understand that you have medical bills, chronic pain, and lost earnings due to an accident. We are here to assist you in getting things back on track. We serve clients throughout middle Tennessee, including Davidson, Rutherford, and surrounding counties. Contact us today by phone at 615-893-1331, or online to schedule a free consultation. You do not have to suffer alone.