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Serving landlords and tenants embroiled in complex legal disputes

Maintaining a sound legal relationship between a landlord and tenant is vital to a successful rental relationship. Unfortunately, due to a wide range of factors, many such relationships devolve into arguments and legal disputes. The Murfreesboro landlord-tenant dispute attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley Attorneys at Law represent property owners and renters involved in legal disagreements relating to the terms and execution of a lease.

Our attorneys represent landlords and tenants involved in disputes relating to a wide range of factors, including:

  • Security deposits: Tennessee law requires landlords to return security deposits or an itemized listing of deductions within 30 days of the tenant’s vacation of the property. Failure to do so may give the tenant legal recourse to seek repayment of the deposit plus damages. It is important to note that a landlord may deduct funds from the deposit to cover the costs of damages, unpaid rent, unpaid utility bills and cleaning. Disputing a deduction or pursuing reimbursement of a security deposit may best be handled with an attorney’s assistance.
  • Repair or replacements: Landlords are required to make any repair or replacement of key components of the dwelling, including HVAC, appliances, doors and more. Landlords who fail to effect required repairs may be exposed to legal liability. It is important to note that tenants may be charged for repairs if damages result from their own actions or negligence.
  • Missed or late rent: Payment or non-payment of rent is at the heart of many landlord-tenant disputes. Negotiating or litigating disputes related to missed rent, late fees or overdraft fees can become costly and time-consuming, making it important to discuss your options with an attorney.
  • Eviction or termination: During the eviction process both parties have specific rights and responsibilities. As a landlord, protecting yourself against avoidable liability during the process is key to the continued success of your investment. As a tenant, it is important to protect yourself against illegal eviction practices or discriminatory actions.
  • Violation notices: State law requires landlords to inform tenants of health and safety violations in writing. Continued violation of health and safety regulations may be cause for eviction.
  • Retaliation: Tenants are protected against landlord retaliation following a complaint or service request. Any landlord who raises rent, files eviction notice or takes other action in retaliation for a complaint may be liable for financial damages.

Whether you are a landlord seeking to recover payment for missed rent or damages, or a tenant who has been mistreated by a landlord, our Murfreesboro landlord-tenant dispute lawyers can help. We have extensive negotiation and litigation experience, allowing our attorneys to help you pursue resolutions in the manner best fitting your case and your goals.

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For more than 40 years, the lawyers at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley Attorneys at Law have represented landlords and tenants involved in disputes. This experience gives us unique insight into the rights each party has during legal proceedings, as well as the challenges each side faces when pursuing resolutions. To schedule a consultation with one of our Murfreesboro landlord-tenant dispute lawyers, contact us online or call 615-893-1331 today.