Tennessee Attorneys Helping Clients Seek Satisfaction Under the Tennessee Consumer Protections Act

Holding unscrupulous business owners accountable for violations of the CPA

Under the Tennessee Consumer Protections Act, businesses are prohibited from engaging in false advertising, manipulation and other forms of fraudulent acts to prey on consumers. Unfortunately, many organizations ignore these guidelines in their efforts to turn a profit. At Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley, Attorneys at Law, our Tennessee consumer protection attorneys represent victims who have suffered monetary losses resulting from an organization’s violation of the CPA. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help victims who have been taken advantage of by business owners that:

  • Falsely pass one good off as another
  • Switch products upon delivery without advanced prior notice or approval
  • Misrepresent a product’s country of source or manufacture
  • Misrepresent the quality or grade of a product
  • Claim false product certifications or approvals

Whatever form the fraudulent act may take, our attorneys make every effort to help victims recover compensation or satisfaction for financial damages resulting from the violation.

Step-by-step guidance during the process of filing a claim

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance oversees all claims relating to violations of the Consumer Protections Act. Prior to filing a claim with the organization, however, victims are encouraged to first contact the offending business to attempt to obtain a resolution. If satisfaction cannot be found after contacting the business, you must file a claim with the Department of Commerce and Insurance’s Consumer Affairs division.

In order to file a complaint, you must:

  • Complete required documentation: To initiate a review of your case, you must complete all required paperwork and submit your claim in writing. You must also be able to demonstrate your residency within the state of Tennessee. Clearly state all facts, making sure to provide as much detail as possible.
  • Provide evidence: Supporting your claim with documentation is important. Providing copies of receipts, advertisements, emails or other correspondence with the business may help to better demonstrate your claim. Be sure that any documentation you submit is free of private information such as your bank account number or Social Security Number.
  • Cooperate with the process: Upon the successful filing of your claim, a specialist will review your case and send a copy of the complaint to the business. The business has 21 days to respond to the complaint.

It is important to note that the Department of Commerce and Insurance has no legal authority to order a business to reimburse you or make you whole in any way. The process is designed to facilitate mediation between the victim and the business. Businesses that receive such complaints and fail to respond or refuse to satisfy the victim are placed on the Consumer Affairs’ Buyer Beware List.

Do I need an attorney to file a claim?

While it is possible to file a claim without the guidance of an attorney, legal representation may be of great value to your case, especially if the fraud led to a significant financial loss. Our Tennessee consumer protection attorneys offer detailed advice on your legal options, both during and after the process of filing a claim.

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