Identity Theft On the Rise in Tennessee and Throughout the U.S.

Although identity theft has received a great deal more press in recent years as a result of major data breaches for retailers like TJ Maxx Target and even Wendy’s, identity theft is considered to be a growing problem.


Despite the fact that many companies are cracking down on their data protection policies, there are still 15 million individuals in the United States who have their identities used fraudulently on an annual basis. This leads to financial losses of more than $50 billion per year. Breaking this down on a per capita basis, this means that around 7% of all adults have had their identities used fraudulently with an average per case loss of $3,500. These victims are not the only indication of the serious risks exposed by identity theft.


Nearly 100 million additional individuals in the United States have personal identifying information put at risk as a result of records being maintained poorly in corporate or government databases. These statistics back up the theory that identity theft could be the most pervasive, frequent and expensive crime in the United States. The sophistication level of individuals who engage in professional identity theft is only growing as well as expanding in terms of methods.


Whether it’s phishing scams or successful hacks of government databases, there is a serious risk that has the potential to influence many different Americans. There are many different kinds of identity theft. If you have been a victim of identity theft or if you have been accused of stealing someone else’s identity, this is a serious issue that warrants speaking with an attorney. Do not hesitate to get advice sooner rather than later.


Individuals can protect themselves from identity theft by implementing several different safety tips. Passwords should always be unique and changed on a regular basis. Too many people make the mistake of using passwords that are easily guessed by others, such as names of pets or important dates that others might be able to access.


There are serious penalties associated with being convicted of identity theft. If this has happened to you, it is not a matter to be ignored. You could be looking at hefty fines and even incarceration. Since there has been an increased focus in recent years on stopping identity theft and catching the criminals who perpetrate it, you might find yourself involved in allegations with an overzealous detective or police officer.


When someone else believes that you have committed an identity theft crime in Tennessee, you need the insight of a skilled criminal defense attorney to help you. The situation is more complex than what you should try to handle on your own, so do not hesitate to get help immediately. Doing so may help to stop this issue from escalating any further, and you’ll also have more confidence that your rights are protected. Get legal help from the Tennessee criminal defense attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley Attorneys at Law by calling 615-893-1331, or contact us online as soon as possible.