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Effectively managing the unique challenges of high net worth couples

While any divorce can be painful and trying, there are many challenges in a high net worth divorce that go above and beyond the standard divorce proceedings. The higher the value of the marital assets, the more there is to divide, as well as various types of assets to be divided. At Kidwell, South, Beasley and Haley, our high net worth divorce attorneys ensure your claim to the marital property is protected and an equitable division of assets is reached. We have more than 40 years of combined experience handling all types of divorces. Our legal team strategically guides you through this difficult time.

What happens if I have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement?

One of the first items to consider in a high net worth divorce in Tennessee is the presence of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. These agreements are meant to outline an agreed upon division of assets in the event of a divorce. Such agreements can be challenged in court, but are often upheld provided each spouse signed it “freely, knowledgeably, in good faith, and without exertion of duress or undue influence.” Some extenuating circumstances may exist, however, and we may be able to help identify them.

The major difference between a prenuptial and postnuptial agreement is when it is entered into: before (prenuptial) or after (postnuptial) the marriage. However, one other difference in Tennessee marriage agreements is the need for consideration (i.e. compensation) for both parties in a postnuptial agreement, whereas in a prenuptial agreement, the marriage itself can be the consideration.

What types of assets are divided in a high net worth divorce?

Tennessee high net worth divorces are often complicated by the fact that it is not simply money that is divided, but often a diverse portfolio of valuable marital assets. Among the potential assets that may need to be divided are:

  • Cash and checking/savings account balances
  • Stocks, bonds, retirement accounts and other investments
  • Houses, apartments, property and other real estate
  • Cars or other vehicles
  • Joint business ventures
  • Various personal assets of value

It is also important to note that liens, debts or other liabilities may also be split. Our team can help ensure that you receive your fair portion of the marital estate and are well represented at the negotiation table.

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