Murfreesboro High Asset Divorce Lawyers Simplify the Complex Financial Issues of Divorce

Work with our Tennessee legal team to manage the division of property and protect your interests

While many attorneys may claim expertise in divorce asset division, much fewer have experience with the manifold challenges of dividing the property of a high asset divorce. More assets mean higher stakes and greater importance placed on strong negotiation and an equitable division of the assets. You need to be sure that your interests are protected and your future is secure.

Our attorneys at Kidwell, South Beasley and Haley have more than 40 years of experience handling high net worth divorces and the division of large assets. Our Tennessee lawyers can help you ensure your property division has a favorable outcome.

Why are high asset divorces more complicated?

On the simplest level, when there are more assets, there is more to divide. However, the complexities of a high net worth divorce go beyond simply more to split. There are many more complex assets to be divided, such as investment accounts, real estate and business interests. Each of these items needs to be valuated, which may mean seeking the services of appraisers, financial advisors, business law specialists and potentially forensic auditors.

What does equitable division of the assets mean?

Many people make the mistake of believing that equitable division of assets mean a 50-50 split. This is not the case for traditional divorces and especially not so for high asset divorces. We will work with you and top professionals to determine the value of your property and help establish an amount of support and portion of the property that is effective for you.

How do business interests play into a high asset divorce?

If one spouse is a business owner or investor, and this business is not a publically traded company, it will be important to determine the value of the company. Public companies are fairly simple to valuate, as stock prices are readily available and a spouse will hold a certain amount of share. In a private business, however, it can be a much more complicated process. Valuations can often include subjective aspects, and it may be worthwhile to seek viewpoints from multiple experts.

Many couples may also overlook the potential for debt in a private business. A business owner may put personal credit or marital assets into a business, and the spouse should avoid being held liable for any such debts. Our experienced Murfreesboro lawyers at Kidwell, South, Beasley and Haley have worked through business valuations and can help ensure that this complicated process is managed effective and fairly.

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