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Researchers note that divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can experience. And, divorce almost always affects on other family members, especially children. Collaborative divorce is a less-confrontational option for divorce. With more than 40 years of combined family law experience, the Murfreesboro collaborative divorce attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley Attorneys at Lawhave the knowledge and resources to help you and your spouse make informed decisions and resolve conflicts amicably.

What is collaborative divorce?

Entering into a collaborative divorce is essentially a cease fire, in which couples who do not want to risk the potential ugliness and expense of a courtroom, join together to pursue a mutual agreement. This method is rather new, and is chosen for couples and business partners who would rather work together than include the entire court system. Collaborative divorces features a participation agreement, where once signed, neither party can pursue litigation. The participation agreement usually includes rules like:

  • The issues of the divorce will be settled by mutual negotiation with an interest-based mindset rather than an adversarial mindset
  • All communication will be constructive, fair and respectful
  • The emotional and physical state of the child or children will be considered throughout all processes and the goal is to minimize trauma and stress
  • The topics within the conversation dealing with the divorce, such as children, assets and property will remain status quo throughout negotiations
  • The collaborating parties will rely on their lawyers to assist them

Choosing collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is a new method of parting ways.  Its goals are simple:

  • Negotiate a settlement for the present and future of the two parties
  • Stabilize the situation
  • Only reveal information voluntarily
  • Minimize expense
  • Eliminate pre-trial maneuvering
  • Streamline the process

Besides you and your spouse, the other parties involved in this process are specially trained collaborative divorce attorneys, as well as child custody specialists and sometimes an accountant who is neutral to both parties. The goal is to settle everything by the time you make contact with a family court to finalize the separation.

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