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After the Divorce, Circumstances May Change

At the time of the divorce, many issues were decided — parenting time, division of assets, division of debts, and alimony. When circumstances change after the divorce is final, there is a mechanism for changing the divorce orders.

Post-judgment modifications can happen any time there is a material and significant change in circumstances. Talk to the Murfreesboro post-divorce attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley about a change.

  • Parent relocation can result in a change to the parenting plan. An out-of-state job usually means less access for the non-custodial parent. Talk to your attorney about how the parenting plan can be changed resulting from parental relocation.
  • Father’s rights: We are not a “father’s rights” law firm, but certainly understand and support a father’s parental rights. We represent both fathers and mothers in divorces and child custody cases. We believe that children need both parents in their lives, and often fathers are more suited for primary residential placement of the children. We support residential time between children and both parents and work hard to achieve as much time for our client as possible.
  • The current parenting plan may need court revision in the best interests of the child. A parent may become unable to appropriately care for a child, the child may be having serious behavioral problems, or the circumstances of each parent may have changed in an unforeseeable manner such that the parenting plan needs to be changed. Even if both parents agree to a change, the court must approve a revised parenting plan so that it can be enforced in the future if necessary.
  • At the time of the divorce, orders were made concerning division of assets and debts. If one party willfully does not comply with those requirements, there may be a need for a contempt of court proceeding. Failure to pay alimony or child support can also lead to contempt of court.

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