Compassionate Care from Experienced Murfreesboro Elder Law Attorneys

We protect the rights and interests of aging couples and individuals

As you reach advanced age or encounter significant illnesses, your legal needs change. From planning the distribution of your assets, to informing your loved ones of your final wishes, it is important to address these legal issues quickly and effectively.

At Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley, Attorneys at Law, we provide personalized elder law services to clients throughout Murfreesboro, Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee. With a mix of compassionate guidance and detailed advice, we provide the support you need to make informed and effective decisions regarding your unique legal issues.

Personalized estate planning guidance

Planning for the future in advance can save your family a good deal of emotional and legal challenges upon your passing.

For many people, especially those with assets valued under one million dollars, a simple will is an excellent vehicle to convey your wishes. A simple will gives you the power needed to offer direction on a number of matters relating to your estate, including:

  • Division of assets
  • Payment of debts
  • Payment of estate taxes
  • Disposition of real estate
  • Name a guardian for minor children
  • Designate an executor of your will

By creating an effective will today, you provide yourself and your loved ones with an invaluable gift – the peace of mind in knowing that the difficult decisions are already made.

Comprehensive power of attorney guidance

Power of attorney is an invaluable estate planning vehicle for aging couples and individuals, especially if the mental or physical health of either partner is in question. A durable power of attorney is a relatively simple, but highly effective, document that provides a designated individual the power to make decisions on a number of matters, including:

  • Banking decisions
  • Bill payment
  • Business decisions
  • Investment management

By taking the time to create a power of attorney before one is required, you may be able to help your family avoid confusion and emotional turmoil in the future.

Our staff takes great care to provide the detailed and personalized guidance you need to designate a power of attorney. We make every effort to ensure that your best interests will be protected throughout any of life’s turns.

Compassionate assistance drafting advanced directives

Making difficult life decisions now is one of the most valuable gifts you can offer your loved ones. Creating an advanced healthcare directive today eliminates your loved ones’ difficulty in the event of a medical emergency.

Advanced directives can be created to address a number of situations and to convey your wishes on a number of issues, including:

  • Health care: Clearly conveying your wishes regarding the location, type and extent of health care to be administered in an emergency is likely to alleviate much emotional turmoil on your family’s behalf. Making these decisions in advance saves loved ones from having to weigh treatment options and choose health care strategies on your behalf.
  • End of life matters: While it may be difficult to create advanced directives outlining the amount of life saving care you wish to receive in the event of a catastrophic health emergency, doing so is both a practical and thoughtful gift to offer your loved ones. Outlining your wishes regarding life support, resuscitation efforts and other issues allow your loved ones to focus on their emotional health, rather than the troubling decisions to be made.

We know that discussing advanced healthcare directives can be difficult. We also know how important and invaluable an advanced directive can be. With those thoughts in mind, we provide the detailed and compassionate guidance you need to make informed decisions and convey your wishes. Our main goal throughout the process, however, is to help you find peace of mind in knowing that you have saved your loved ones some amount of grief and confusion in times of emotional turmoil.