Murfreesboro DUI Manslaughter Defense Attorneys

Vigorous defense from life-changing criminal accusations

Being charged with taking the life of someone else is a terrifying experience you cannot prepare yourself to face. DUI manslaughter charges come with lifelong consequences which impact you personally and professionally. You need a highly skilled Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney to provide sound legal guidance so you can take on the serious charges you are now facing. You need the experienced Murfreesboro DUI defense attorneys from Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley, Attorneys at Law to defend you from the DUI manslaughter charges you, or someone you love, face.

Understanding DUI manslaughter charges in TN

Being at fault in an accident resulting in a fatality is not necessarily a crime in Tennessee unless the driver was reckless. The state has created laws making getting behind the wheel while intoxicated an implicit act of recklessness.  Defending these cases requires skillful legal representation to create enough reasonable doubt to protect your liberties and your future. Our Murfreesboro DUI attorneys aggressively attack every presumption and piece of evidence the prosecution attempts to use against you. Your strongest defense is to attack any evidence that supports a conclusion that you were under the influence of alcohol. We look for any procedural failings or mechanical issues to exclude unjust evidence from being presented before the court.

The penalties you face if charged with DUI manslaughter in Tennessee

The penalties imposed upon drivers accused of DUI manslaughter can be harsh. Although manslaughter is not considered an intentional act, the harsh penalties are designed to deter drivers from putting themselves in this situation. Ultimately, the state is trying to make an example out of you if you have been charged with DUI manslaughter. Each penalty is enhanced that much further if you have a prior history of drunk driving. Judges are given a breadth of discretion in sentencing for these cases. Our Murfreesboro DUI manslaughter defense attorneys use every legal defense possible to avoid getting to that point. The penalties you face for a first-time DUI manslaughter conviction include:

  • Having a Class B felony on your criminal record
  • Serving between 8-30 years in prison
  • Being fined up to $25,000
  • Losing your driving privileges anywhere from 3-10 years

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