Sexual Assault Attorneys in Murfreesboro Tennessee


Sexual assault charges can carry life-altering consequences

Being accused of sexual assault can be extremely isolating. You carry a heavy burden of what could possibly happen to you if you are found guilty. You may feel already condemned by others. Our experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys stand by your side at a time when you may feel very alone. We understand the complexities of sexual assault accusations and stand by your side every step of the way.


What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is defined as someone forcing another, the victim, to engage in sexual conduct against the victim’s will or the victim is unable to give consent such as if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Sexual assault is a felony in Tennessee. The level of felony is determined by the circumstances of the crime. Different felony levels will carry different punishments. Sexual assault is a class E felony and can result in a fine up to $3,000 and one to six years in prison.


Aggravated sexual assault is a class B felony and can result in a fine of up to $25,000 and eight to thirty years in prison. In order for the sexual assault to be elevated to aggravated assault, one of the following must have occurred:

  • The unlawful sexual conduct caused bodily injury to the other victim;
  • The aggressor carried a weapon during the assault;
  • The aggressor was helped my one or more people; or
  • The victim was younger than 13 years old at the time of the offense


Rape also falls under the sexual assault category and is considered a class B felony. If the rape caused the victim bodily injury of if the aggressor carried a weapon during the crime or was helped by one or more people, it is considered aggravated rape. Aggravated rape is a class A felony which carries a fine of up to $50,000 and fifteen to sixty years in prison.


It should also be noted that you can be accused of sexual assault by your spouse. There is no marital exception to sexual assault accusations in Tennessee.


In addition to the fines and prison time you can face if convicted of sexual assault, there is also the stigma you will have to carry for the rest of your life. Having to disclose a sexual assault conviction on employment applications, housing applications, etc., can be embarrassing and tarnish your chances of starting fresh.


How can I fight an accusation of sexual assault in Tennessee?

If you are accused of sexual assault, you may not necessarily be convicted of the offense. The most common defenses to this crime are:

  • Someone else did this. (Alibi is helpful)
  • The sexual activity was consensual.
  • Unable to have the requisite criminal intent due to insanity.


Mounting these kinds of defenses can involve complicated legal issues and skilled trial presentation. You will want the best criminal defense team on your side.

Our Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys have a reputation for success and are here to aggressively defend you against all charges

Criminal charges such as sexual assault must be handled with the utmost care. The stakes are too high to leave things to chance. The experienced Murfreesboro sexual assault attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley fight to protect your rights and your future. Trust us to handle your case with unparalleled skill and personal attention. Contact us today online, or call 615-893-1331 to schedule a free consultation.