Tennessee Medicare and Healthcare Fraud Attorneys

If you are being investigated for Medicare or healthcare fraud in Tennessee, don’t wait a minute longer to seek legal advice.

State and federal government agencies have been coming down hard on Medicare and healthcare fraud like never before. There have been rapid increases in the amount of criminal prosecutions for these crimes in recent years. If you are under investigation for healthcare fraud or have been charged with this crime, any delay in seeking legal counsel can jeopardize your chances of successfully beating the charge.

At Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley, our Tennessee healthcare fraud attorneys start our investigation into any healthcare fraud charges or potential charges right away. We understand what is at stake for our clients and we are prepared to aggressively defend you at every turn.

What is Medicare or healthcare fraud?

Healthcare fraud investigations occur on both the state and federal level. When potential Medicare fraud is involved, federal agencies including the FBI and the Office of the Inspector General investigate people attempting to defraud the Medicare system. State enforcement agents are often involved as well.

There may also be investigations into trying to defraud the state Medicaid program. In Tennessee, this is TennCare. The Bureau of TennCare, The Officer of the Inspector General, The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and The Office of the Attorney General are all of the state agencies that are in charge of tracking, investigating, and prosecuting TennCare fraud.

On both the state and federal level, healthcare fraud can be committed by a medical provider or a member. Doctors, support staff, and administrative staff can all be charged with healthcare fraud. Provider fraud occurs in several different instances, including when the provider:


  • Charges for unnecessary or duplicate procedures
  • Charges for visits or a procedure that never occurred
  • Bills multiple times for the same procedure


Member fraud can occur when:


  • An individual lies about themselves or their family in order to obtain TennCare or other healthcare coverage
  • An individual uses TennCare or other healthcare coverage inappropriately


Lies intended to help obtain TennCare or other healthcare coverage usually relate to household income, family structure, or a family’s assets and resources. Inappropriate use of Tenncare or other healthcare coverage would include an individual letting someone else use their TennCare card. It can also include selling a prescription to another person.


Healthcare fraud, whether it be Medicare fraud or TennCare fraud, carry severe civil and criminal penalties. If charged with healthcare fraud, you face potential prison time and substantial fines.


Time is of the essence in healthcare fraud cases. Contact our trusted Tennessee healthcare fraud defense attorneys today.

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