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Even ‘Simple Possession’ Drug Charge Is Serious

As we often stress to our clients, there is no minor criminal charge. Any drug crime charge — from simple possession to possession with intent, from a misdemeanor to a felony — has serious consequences. Do not let the police and prosecutors force, coerce, or intimidate you into pleading guilty. Contact one of our criminal defense attorneys to explore any defenses you may have, such as:

  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Miranda rights violations
  • Improper or coerced confessions

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Our experienced criminal defense lawyers can help you understand the criminal process, defend you against the charges and explain the alternatives that may be available — such as diversion or retirement of the charges. We can help to maximize your options, protect your record and your future. Reduced charges, plea deals and probation are also options.

Many drug cases involve the use by the police of confidential informants. Many of these confidential informants work in conjunction with the police with the promise of reduced charges for themselves. This makes the confidential informant a biased and untrustworthy witness in many cases. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are skilled at investigating the issues that arise in these situations and using that information to your advantage.

The Murfreesboro drug crimes defense attorneys at Kidwell, South, Beasley & Haley are here to help you deal with the charges.

  • If you are charged with a drug crime (or about to be charged with a drug crime), the first step is to contact one of our criminal defense attorneys before you discuss the case with anyone else — including the police and prosecutors.
  • The warrant will have a charge on it. Felony possession and misdemeanor possession are defined by the amount and type of drug.
  • We handle all types of drug cases, including those involving marijuana, prescription drugs/prescription fraud (Oxycodone, Lortab, Hydrocodone, Zanax, etc.), ecstasy, methamphetamines (meth), cocaine, heroin and other substances such as legend drugs.
  • Possession with intent can include intent to distribute, deliver or manufacture. Possession of paraphernalia is also considered a drug crime.

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If you or a family member has been charged with a drug crime, you need to take it seriously. Do not think this or any criminal charge is minor. The sooner you talk with our criminal defense attorneys, the better. We will protect your interests and rights at all stages. We will thoroughly investigate any possible legal or factual defenses you may have. We will vigorously review the State’s evidence. We will fiercely negotiate on your behalf. We will aggressively defend you at trial. Contact us for a free consultation.