Murfreesboro High Asset Divorce Law Firm Helps Clients Navigate Through the Maze of Complex Asset Division

Approaching complex asset division with confidence and compassion

Divorce is an emotional process. When a marriage has yielded substantial assets, the process of financial disentangling only adds to the tension. At Kidwell, South, Beasley and Haley, our divorce team has decades of experience handling high asset divorces. These cases present unique challenges that can only be adequately handled through routine experience dividing complex assets. While finances are often center stage in high asset divorces, we understand the many underlying pressures facing divorcing and separating parents. We guide these cases in a way that minimizes the strain and maximizes the future of your family.

What assets need to be divided in a high asset divorce?

A defining characteristic of a high asset divorce is the number of assets to be considered in dividing property. Under Tennessee law, only marital property is subject to division during divorce. If we can show that certain assets are separate property—in other words, property obtained prior to the divorce or during the divorce through inheritance or similar means—those assets cannot be claimed by your spouse. This marital-separate property divide, however, can be difficult to navigate in high asset divorces given the numerous ways in which property becomes comingled:

  • Business ownership
  • Investments
  • Significant real property ownership
  • Joint checking and savings accounts

Helping individuals identify marital assets to which they have a rightful claim

In high asset divorces, it can be challenging to identify the full scope of the marital estate. The difficulty is magnified when assets are overlooked or purposefully hidden by one spouse during the divorce process. In many cases, significant marital assets are simply overlooked at the outset, either because clients were not aware of the assets or because clients did not realize those assets were subject to division. In some cases, however, a spouse has intentionally hidden assets. Our Murfreesboro divorce attorneys have experience with both scenarios, and we know how to identify all marital assets for the benefit of our clients.

What can I expect during the process of dividing my and my spouse’s assets?

The first step in the process is called discovery. This is the stage at which our high asset divorce attorneys collect all available information from your spouse about potential assets subject to division in your divorce. Our experienced attorneys dig through past records such as tax returns and investment statements, to identify any overlooked assets. If a business is at issue, we have a cadre of talented financial professionals available who can undertake a valuation to detail worth and future earnings. With real property, we may consult real estate experts to determine the value of that property. Once we have identified all marital assets, we advocate on your behalf for an equitable division, whether through a negotiated agreement, during mediation, or before a judge.

If you are facing divorce with substantial asset division, trust our firm to protect you and your assets

Complex asset division should be handled by a knowledgeable family law firm with hands-on experience with high asset divorce cases. Kidwell, South, Beasley and Haley is that firm. Call 615-893-1331 for a free initial consultation and to put our expertise to work in your case.