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Tennessee Is on the List for the Worst Drivers in the Nation

Tennessee Is on the List for the Worst Drivers in the Nation You may have been driving around Tennessee and thought, “Wow. Tennessee drivers are the worst.” Well, now a survey compiled by SmartAsset, a personal-finance company, proves that this is actually true. Tennessee ranked in the top 10 for states with the worst drivers….

Will Tennessee Ever Allow The Use Of Medical Marijuana?

WILL TENNESSEE EVER ALLOW THE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA? After a medical marijuana bill dies in the Legislature, Tennessee residents seeking medical marijuana treatment continue to risk harsh criminal penalties In the past several years, legal and cultural acceptance of the use of medical marijuana in the United States has evolved at an ever-growing pace….


Under Tennessee law, a property owner’s duty to keep their property free of dangerous conditions depends upon who is visiting the property and why Injuries due to a property owner’s negligence can happen in stores, public parks, hotel rooms, restaurants, or even another person’s home and can include serious or catastrophic accidents such as slip…